Jim Hopperstad& Bikesmiths History

Two Ironman World Records

Two Ironman World Records have been broken on bikes built by Bikesmiths. US Championships have been won on Bikesmith built bikes. Historic Holdsworth and Paramount racing machines adorn the Salesfloor. Bikesmiths provides some of the Best Prices on the World's Finest Bicycles. Just about anything you can dream of can be hand made and installed.

A Boy and His Bird

Jim on a dailywalk thru, 175 feet underground with his hand on a Titan II missle engine.

A rebodied 330

TR59 #2 from Norwood Autocraft.

Ferrari 330 P4

Jim is an experienced Ferrari Technician. While at Norwood Autocraft in Dallas, Jim & 2 others fabricated and built 4 Ferrari TR59s (Enzo only made 2) and 3 prototypical Ferrari 330 P4s from the ground up - each fully operational, complete and very correct.

P4 #1's birthday debut.

Fresh out of Raymond Chauvenetz's Mastercraft Bodyworks.

Boyd Cottington wheels replaced later with authentic Campagnolo.

Tucson, Arizona 1975 

From left: Ross Skaugh, Rollie Fergusen, Jim, Joe Schmitz.

Ed Brandenburg

Jim and the most important man in his life, Ed Brandenburg, without whom Bikesmiths would not exist. Ed started Jim in the bike business in Tucson, AZ back in 1969, and mentored Jim thru out his life.

c. 1994

Adam Duvendeck

Adam at the World's in Greece.

Adam Duvendeck

Adam Duvendeck winning the California State Championship on Bikesmiths built and supplied machinery.

Anthony "Tony" D'Angelo

Michelangelo and Da Vinci reincarnated in the person of Anthony "Tony" D'Angelo.

c. 1975

Duncan Thomas

Duncan Thomas breaking the world record in the Hawaiian Ironman for the second time on a Bikesmiths built bicycle.

Echelon Cycling Club

Special thanks to Tom Stone, Tom Figge, Rory O'Reily, Jack Bianchi and many others...

Echelon Juniors Team

Rory O'Reily, coach
(Tanqueverde in the background)

Revolution Racing

California State Champs, Bud Lite Mountain Bike Series.

Underfunded the entire year they baet out all the teams in California including the heavily favored Paul Mitchell Systems.

Cielo Velo Mountain Bike Team

That's Don Longstreet with the Bikesmiths/Marin sponsored Cielo Velo Mountain Bike Team.

There's too much to say about all they acheived. Looking at the medals hanging from their necks you can see how much butt they kicked.

State Champs.

"Marin full suspension bikes DO make a difference."

Zero Weight Juniors

Team sponsored by Bikesmiths and Litespeed Bicycles.

Hour Record

Eddy says, "If you gotta da leg you no needa derrail."

Jim and Radames Edoli with Francesco Moser's "Hour Record" breaking Big Wheel.

$300 Down...

63 MPH

Bikesmiths UCSB Project.

Philippe Petit

One of Bikesmiths first customers.

Caroline Deloretto

Tucson, AZ 1975

Jim with Hal Cole & children. Center is Chris Gonda and right of Chris is Jef Perscale.

Matt Hopperstad

Matt Hopperstad winning another race, 1976.

Bikesmiths at the Arizona State Championships.

Bikesmiths at Randolf Park.

with John Howard

1981 Ironman World Champion, 3-time Olympian, 4-time U.S. National Road Cycling champ, and someone who thinks 152.2 mph on a bike is fast...

with Valentino Campagnolo

with Ernesto Colnago

Ernesto Colnago with his singing partner, JIM.

with Eddy Merckx

Fausto Pinnerello and Legitimate "5 Time winner of the Tour De France", Eddy Merckx hanging out with The BIKESMITH in Las Vegas.

George Barris
"the original King of Kustomizers"

George stopping by to visit in 2010 on his way home from Paso Robles where he was a judge in a car show.

He and I became friends when I was about 14. Hung around his shop often in North Hollywood since, I guess even then I was a budding fabricator. It was quite a bike ride on a paperboy bike. A clunker Monarch in a state of disrepair.

He let me sit in Dean Martins car, a green Maseratti, and took me through Elvis's first custom Greyhound Bus during a couple of those visits.

I have checked in on him many times over the years but this is the only time he checked in on me. He says he remembers me and my trick bike...it had 3 truck size air horns on the side of the back baskets...and yeah, they worked.

the J-BOGs

In honor of the J-BOGs, bicycle tourists of a royal sort, and in memory of Brian Little. The J-BOGs were just a bunch of guys that Bikesmiths Supported in their world touring endeavors in Norway, France and Spain.

Pictured: Brian Little, Andy Sabin, Jack Lowe, Beau Bianchi and Paul McCaskill. Seated: Chris Anderson.
Camera shy are Dan Emmett, Chris Lambert, John Beaupre and Jim Hopperstad.

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